Kaşmir Lake Homes is situated on the road to Istanbul near the parc of Göksu, and is the most prestigious and the biggest housing project with social installations of Ankara. Kaşmir Homes is composed of 14 Blocs and 1438 apartments. With its proximity to the subway and to the parc of Göksu, its trade square, bars, cafe, restaurant, sports fields and complexes, children playing fields, swimming pool, water ways and decorative fountains, Kaşmir Homes is the most prestigious housing project of Eryaman.

The subcontractor firm and project's owner KAŞMIR CONSTRUCTION A.Ş. (Köroğlu İnşaat - Gülsan Holding - MNT İnşaat ) is one of the valuable company of Ankara as our solution partner we are working with.

The project uses our newest tunnel formwork system product. This system is equipped with a railed system and do not required angle adjustment each times (vertical and horizontal angles).

Kaşmir project uses 4 set of formwork produced by our company. Its utilisation and application is easier and faster than the others tunnel formwork systems. Neru Tunnel Formwork permits to prepare 2000 m2 of concrete surfaces ready to pour at the latest around 11/12 a.m.

The use of high quality materials and skilled labour which works on CNC workshops with automatic robots makes the system very usefull and permits to obtain perfect concrete surfaces. That's why the labour sophistication is easier and allows costs savings.

So... If you want to build luxury and economical housing project in the fatest way, choose NERU Formwork Systems

Subcontractor : CKC Construction & Trade Co.

Terms of the Contract : Tunnel Formwork Application Subcontractor

Project : Kaşmir Lake Homes Construction Site

Investor Group : Kaşmir (Gülsan, Köroğlu, MNT)

Tunnel Formwork Partner : Neru Formwork and Scaffolding Systems

With a total construction area of 280,000 m2 and 19 Blocs of 31 stories, Kaşmir Lake Homes Construction Site began on 17th December 2013 using Tunnel Formwork Systems.

In six months, the project reaches at the level of 65% in the Tunnel Formwork Application (182.000 m2). The project is composed of 12 Bloc A, 4 Bloc B and 3 Bloc C.

The site plan of the building is; Blocs A with 440 m2 living area for each, are placed in pair nearby to each others in three different points. Blocs B with 630 m2 living area for each, are placed in pair nearby to each others in two different points. Blocs C with 450 m2 living area for each, are placed individually in three different points.

Kaşmir Lake Homes Project preffered as in previous projects, the company Neru Tunnel Formworks & Scaffoldings Systems as its solution partner.

Our project begins with 2 set of tunnel formwork with Railed System (440 m 2 complete floor), especially produced for Blocs A and supplied by Neru Formwork & Scaffolding Systems. The Blocs B and C are planned to be finish with reservations from Bloc A following its completion.

Investor Group reconsidered and advanced the delivery date of the project and the available sets on the construction site are completed with supplementary materials for Bloc B ( 1 set 630 m2 complete floor) and Bloc C (1 set 250 m2 ½ floor).

As the subcontractor firm committed to doing the application of the tunnel formwork, we used both in overseas and locally, Neru Tunnel Formwork with Railed System, which allows us some technological advantages, we were able to work even in winter's season conditions and reached the pouring number planned on four different points.

Neru Tunnel Formwork with Railed System is equipped with elevator well system, formwork disassembly railed system and angle alignment system. All these systems allows many advantages in pouring concrete and permits daily rotation in time. Furthermore, it avoids and minimises labour's errors on vertically and horizontally stability of the construction.

As the scaffold is one of the integral part of the formwork system, it is especially elaborated in consideration with the security of the workers. Particularly in highrise construction site, as in our project, the safety of the working area is a very important point.

We want to thank you Neru Formwork and Scaffolding Systems Company and its personal staff for being close to us during all the fabrication stages ( assembly, production, disassembly and reservation). They provide us the technical support required, make easier our job in every new projects and improved our production's quality. We do not consider Neru as a supplier company only but more as our preferred solution partner.

CKC Construction & Trade Co.

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